5 Ways To Keep Wasps Away

5 Ways To Keep Wasps Away From Your Property

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You probably learned at a young age that wasps are harmful and that you should either avoid them altogether or leave them plenty of room to fly around so that they don’t feel frightened. Even as an adult, you may want to prevent being stung by a wasp, and we have some tips for you. Follow these steps if you’re going to keep wasps from swarming all over your property.

Make a Clove-Geranium-Lemongrass Oil Blend

The essential oils of clove, geranium, and lemongrass have been demonstrated to deter wasps effectively. Several drops of each oil can be mixed with soapy water and sprayed on surfaces. Spray the roof, eaves, sheds, ledges, and any other gaps and crevices around your property where wasps could make a nest.

Use a Peppermint Oil

It’s common knowledge that peppermint oil can be used to ward off wasps successfully. If wasps are a problem on your land, you can employ the same technique outlined above to discourage them from constructing nests there. If you’re a green thumb, you could like growing peppermint in pots and baskets all over your house. A variety of smells can be used to deter wasps.

Get Wasp Traps

Putting up a wasp trap may be the best option. Sugar water or another sweetener is used to lure the wasps inside, and once they’re inside, they’re trapped. Simply removing the top from a 2-liter bottle and placing it within the bottom of the bottle will create a functional wasp trap. You can buy them online if you feel like you need to make your own.

However, traps might not be very efficient at preventing wasp nests from being built, as they may merely catch wasps passing through your garden rather than ones constructing a nest there.

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Close the Gaps

Wasps may quickly develop nests in even the smallest openings, so it is essential to check the perimeter of your home and fill any gaps you find. Refrain from sealing off a wasp nest that has already begun to form in your walls. Even if you block off the wasps’ entryway, they will find another way out; wasps can eat through drywall and vents, for example.

Seal Bins Tightly

It has been found that areas with high concentrations of trash, recycling, and compost bins also have higher concentrations of wasps. Keep the lids on all of your containers nice and tight, so the wasps can’t get in and feast on what they think is an endless supply of food.

What To Do If You Find A Wasp Nest?

Nests built by wasps can range in size. Using a broom or long pole to remove a nest should be sufficient if you find it empty early. Do not attempt to deal with the situation alone if you think there may be wasps in the nest or nearby. We at The Pest Bros are delighted to provide swift and risk-free wasp removal services.

Don’t hesitate to call us for assistance with a current wasp infestation or preventing an infestation from occurring. We’re delighted to protect your property from wasps and other stinging insects.

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