Do I Need Pest Control For New House

Do I Need Pest Control For New House

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Because pests can enter homes through tiny cracks, gaps, or holes, it is not unusual to find them in new buildings. Pest problems must be dealt with right away since they may quickly get out of control, harm the property, and endanger the health of the residents. Whenever you buy a house, whether second-hand or newly built, you should use pest control services before moving in. The knowledge and resources that a professional pest control service brings make it a logical choice when trying to figure out how best to solve pest issues in your new home.

Common Pests Infesting New Construction Homes

Due to the construction process and the materials used, newly constructed homes may be more prone to specific pests. The following are some typical pests that may infest newly built-homes:

  • Termites – If these insects are not handled, they can consume wood and seriously harm structures.
  • Ants – Ant infestations may result from disturbed ant colonies while constructing new residences.
  • Spiders – More gaps and apertures may be present in newly built homes, which can act as spider entrance spots.
  • Cockroaches – Because there are so many food and water sources in newly constructed homes, these pests may thrive there.
  • Rodents – Mice and rats can quickly enter new construction homes through small openings and can cause damage to wiring and insulation.

Tips for Keeping Your New Home Pest-Free

Seal All Cracks And Crevices

Check your new house’s walls, flooring, and ceiling for any cracks or fissures. Pests may use them as access points. Use caulk or another suitable material to seal them.

Install Screens On Windows And Doors

Ensure screens are fitted on all windows and doors to keep pests away.

Keep Your Home Clean

Food and water supplies attract pests. Ensure your house is tidy and clear of trash, spills, and crumbs.

Store Food Properly

Do not leave pet food out overnight; keep it in tightly sealed containers.

Remove Standing Water

Water is necessary for pest survival. Be sure there isn’t any water sitting anywhere near your house.

Trim Vegetation

Trim the plants away from your home. Overgrown trees and plants might serve as a bridge for pests to enter your home.

Keep Firewood Away From Your Home

If you use firewood, keep it out of the house. Pests may reside in the wood and beneath it.

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Preventing pests from entering a new home is crucial to creating a safe and healthy living environment. Structural damage can be sustained by the property if it isn’t properly protected against infestation, which could lead to expensive repairs; pest-related illnesses may infect people or animals in your household, posing serious health problems!

Consider hiring a professional pest control company to treat your property for pests regularly. They can recognize prospective problems before they materialize and offer suitable treatment. At The Pest Bros, we work hard to ensure you have a safe and pest-free home. Our team is highly trained in pest control and is committed to providing our customers with the best service possible. Contact us today to get started!

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