frequently asked questions

Depending on the service, the average service time is under an hour.

Pesticides begin to work immediately. Some pests will take longer to control.

Pest control is highly recommended, even for preventative measures.

Pest can enter the very smallest of areas and can even be carried inside.

A DIY treatment is not recommended.

All of our services are safe when instructions are followed.

Most of our pesticides will provide at least 3 months of protection.

Preventative measures are highly recommended.

All of our Technicians are background checked and highly trained.

Cleaning is Ok after pesticides have dried.

Sometimes vacating the home is Required, but not typically.

Pesticides bond well and rain usually will not wash them away.

We have a very wide range of products. Mostly liquids, baits, and aerosols.

Once products are dry, it is then safe to return to normal living.

Yes. Seasonal pests are a real thing. Weather changes affect insect movements.