How Does Vinegar Kill Termites

How Does Vinegar Kill Termites?

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Due to the presence of acetic acid, vinegar is an effective and speedy method for eliminating termites. When used in an acidic environment, acetic acid can cause corrosion. However, it has a very corrosive impact on the exoskeletons of termites. Even while vinegar can kill termites, there is a possibility that the entire colony won’t be removed even if you use it. However, the amount of acetic acid in regular vinegar bottles is insufficient to destroy all termites from a given area.

How To Use Vinegar To Kill Termites

  1. Look over your home and identify the termite problem. Look for their nests, mud tubes around the pipes, the house’s foundation, and the walls.
  2. Add two lemons’ worth of juice and half a cup of vinegar.
  3. Fill a spray bottle with the vinegar and lemon juice combination. Spraying on the affected areas will therefore be simpler.
  4. Spray it on the areas of your home where you think termites may be present. The combination of these two substances will eliminate termites when sprayed.
  5. Retrench the areas once more with the lemon-vinegar mixture after a few days.

How Often Should Vinegar Be Sprayed On Termites?

How frequently you use vinegar to repel termites will depend on their level of infestation. The colony’s size will affect how long it takes to eradicate them. The time it takes to kill them depends on the type of vinegar used.

You can use vinegar two days apart during the week if it’s outside. Once a week should be sufficient when indoors. Since white vinegar kills termites more quickly than apple cider vinegar, it is more effective. As a result, you will spray the termites less.

Does Vinegar Kill Termite Eggs?

Vinegar kills newborn termites by causing a reaction with the proteins that are present in the termite eggs. Protein makes up the majority of a termite egg’s composition.

Vinegar will break the chemical bonds that keep the protein threads together. Due to this, the proteins will begin to change the form of their cells, resulting in the egg being destroyed.

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Can Vinegar Be Sprayed On Wood To Eliminate Termites?

Spreading vinegar on wood to kill termites is acceptable, but this should only be done occasionally. When using vinegar on wood, especially if the wood is unfinished, it is best to dilute it with water at room temperature, just like when using bleach to kill termites.

White vinegar’s high acidity could harm the finishes on the wood and fade the color. If there is no finish, vinegar can damage the wood floors protected by the finish. The finish on the wood’s surface will degrade due to the acetic acid. The wood will eventually lose some of its lusters and look boring.

What’s Next?

If your home has only a few termites, then you may be able to get rid of them with vinegar. But if there are many in your house and they’ve taken over the wood structures inside—this solution probably won’t work on its own. You’ll likely need additional assistance from a professional pest control company.

At The Pest Bros, we’ll inspect your home and determine the extent of the termite infestation. Then we’ll recommend a treatment plan that will eliminate them and prevent any future problems—so you can get back to enjoying your home without fear! Call us now!

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