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How To Control Mosquitoes In Your Yard

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Although it is common knowledge that mosquitoes are irritating, preventing mosquito colonies from growing near your house or yard is vital for your health. The Zika virus is the most recent of many mosquito-borne illnesses that pose serious health hazards. In addition, mosquitoes can transmit more severe diseases like malaria and more prevalent conditions. Here are some ways to control mosquitoes in your yard.

Maintain Grass And Shrubbery

Mosquitoes find tall grass, plants, and shrubs ideal resting places. Mosquitoes prefer to relax and lay their eggs in long grass because it provides more cover. Mosquitoes can be discouraged from congregating in an area by maintaining grass at a length of no more than 5 inches, preferably even shorter. Even though you will only be able to succeed in driving them elsewhere, it is still better than the alternative of having disease-carrying insects in near vicinity to people.

Plant Natural Repellents

The majority of herbs and plants that are effective at warding off insects do so by producing natural smells. These aromas help keep pesky insects like mosquitoes at bay and provide enticing scents to your outdoor space. Suppose you want to avoid using chemical insect repellents on yourself or in your garden. In that case, you can grow certain plants that naturally deter mosquitoes and help you avoid using insect repellents. For example, lavender and citronella can help you avoid using insect repellents.

Burn Citronella Candles

To discourage insects, you should position citronella candles at regular intervals along the deck railing or in the center of any outdoor dining tables. Citronella, an insecticide extracted from lemongrass oil, has a smell that irritates mosquitoes and is, therefore, effective at warding them off. The chance that the mosquitoes won’t swarm the area as much as usual, is higher when the candles are burning.

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Eliminate Breeding Areas

Get rid of any standing water to eliminate breeding sites. For mosquito eggs to hatch, there must be standing water. After it has rained, go for a stroll around the yard to identify these hotspots. Keep in mind that mosquitoes can lay their eggs in roughly the same amount of water as will fit on top of a soda bottle. Therefore, be sure to search for even the slightest puddles thoroughly.

Mow The Lawn

Adult mosquitoes sleep during the day, typically on top of tall weeds or other vegetation. Mowing your lawn regularly and keeping weeds away from your home’s foundation are two things you can do to make your yard less inviting to mosquitoes.


Therefore, following these ways of controlling mosquitoes in your yard will prevent your family from getting diseases. Immediately taking action is better than letting it infest your yard, knowing it risks your health. Contact The Pest Bros immediately if you’re experiencing an uncontrollable mosquito infestation in your yard. We are trained for this kind of problem. Rest assured that we will be giving you the best service possible. Call us now!

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