What Are the Common Wildlife in Texas?

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The Texas landscape is excellent and varied, with deserts, rich forests, and huge swamps. These are, therefore, habitats to a whole lot of wildlife, each species playing an essential role in the balance of ecology in the state. In this blog, let’s check out some of the most common wildlife that can be found in Texas and when the best time to contact wildlife control professionals is.

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Common Wildlife in Texas


Most snake species found in Texas have venom, but they are of no danger to humans. Examples of poisonous ones include the rattlesnake, copperhead, and coral snake. Other common snakes in the park include the Texas Rat Snake and Garter Snake; all are non-poisonous and have critical ecological roles in pest checks.


Raccoons have been said to be very adaptive and quickly get along well with the kind of life offered by the urban environment. These mammals are usually nocturnal and, on some occasions, very bright, commonly found rummaging through big-city trash or walking in suburban neighborhoods. Even though they are lovely to look at, they can become annoying to humans and even pose a risk since they carry many dangerous diseases.


A nine-banded armadillo is an icon of Texas. It is generally found foraging between the wee hours of the morning and twilight. It has a leathery coat of armor, which helps it from any possible predation. The armadillo is a good digger, using its claws to root for food and burrow.


The Opossum has natural immunity characteristics and comes with a North American marsupial, which is rabies-resistant. Your garden thrives not just because of your green thumb but also thanks to them quietly dealing with nuisances like snails and bugs. When a predator looms, an opossum doesn’t run; instead, it cleverly plays dead to escape danger. 


One of Austin’s largest urban bat colonies only works to highlight the importance of bats for the state. They help significantly regulate insect populations and pollination. Their nightly flights have always been a wonder in nature, and nowhere is it more wonderful than Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin, where they number in the thousands and emerge at dusk. 

When to Contact Wildlife Control Professionals

The return of wild animals to Texas can be an exciting time. Still, knowing when wild encounters might be required for professional intervention is essential. Be it a venomous snake in the backyard, a raccoon nesting in your attic, or even a coyote that comes close to your home, a person should always prioritize safety. This is where professional wildlife control services come in handy to handle the issues humanely, causing the least stress possible to animals and keeping the risks for the occupants at an absolute minimum. 


While coming across such creatures can be an experience of one of life’s thrills, such encounters should responsibly be handled safely. If you ever have something in life whereby you can find wild animals threatening, risking your safety, or destroying your belongings, contact the experts. The Pest Bros will be your partner for managing such wildlife confrontations. We provide expert, humane solutions to ensure that both man and animal are safe. Contact us today for more information about our services so that you may have a peaceful environment of living with wildlife in Texas.

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