What Kinds of Pests Are Targeted by General Home Pest Control?

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Pest management has become a core part of maintaining a useful, safe, and comfortable home environment. However, not all pests are created equal, and controlling or managing them requires different strategies, regardless of what is selected. This blog looks at various kinds of pests that general home pest control services target and shed some light on how these services can continue to help you keep your home free from those pests.


Types of Pests Managed by Home Pest Control Services

When it comes to the variety of pests that can show up in a home, understanding is the first step toward effective pest control. Below is a breakdown of the most common unwanted home visitors that pest control services are most likely equipped to eliminate.

Common Insects

Most of the time, they are one of the biggest culprits in many households. Ants are primarily intruders in homes, mainly looking for food, especially sweets and proteins. Cockroaches are a severe threat to health due to the bacteria they transmit. They are much feared because of their resistance and rapid breeding. The bed bug has become infamous and has been rising in recent years. Bed bugs deliver painful bites; ultimately, eradicating bed bugs from homes is very difficult without professional help.


Rodents, for example, mice and rats, are both nuisance and destructive. They can destroy wiring and contaminate most food sources, transmitting diseases. Control of rodents is most important since they have extensive reproduction capabilities and can adapt to many environments, making them not challenging to kill.

Other Pests

While these are common, other pests include termites, which have been singled out to cause severe threats to the structure of your home and may result in expensive repairs. Fleas are commonly attributed to the existence of pets. They can become a problem when they breed within a home, thus causing health problems for the pets and homeowners. While the existence of spiders can be very useful in controlling other insects’ populations, usually nobody wants them inside the house, especially not in large numbers or those of a venomous nature.

How Pest Control Services Identify and Target Pests

Most professional pest control services have various methods to apply to identify the specific pests in your home. This usually starts with an inspection to identify the source of infestation and the kind of pest occurring. Traps, surveillance, and environmental monitoring are techniques that will assist professionals in developing a targeted attack plan.

Once identified, they are controlled, and their populations are eliminated by using several methods, including baits, chemicals, and physical barriers. For example, with the control of ants, bait stations are used. Bed bug elimination has also spurred the development of advanced treatments that are non-toxic.


The mentioned examples represent all those types of pests for which home pest control services are provided. Professional service has all the control services for insects, rodents, and all other pests that annoy a person from their living space. At The Pest Bros, we don’t deal with generalized treatment; we offer solutions tailored to your specifics against the insects, rodents, or other pests you are grappling with. Don’t wait for an infestation to get out of hand; consider scheduling a pest inspection with us today to take proactive steps toward a pest-free home.

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