Insect Control On A Lawn

When To Put Down Insect Control On A Lawn

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Insects can devastate your lush green grass, transforming it from a gorgeous paradise into a battleground. You must know when to apply insecticide to keep your lawn healthy and pest-free. In this article, we’ll walk you through the best time to use insects control and provide helpful hints to keep your lawn insect-free.


When To Start Battling Insects

Early Spring

Early spring is an excellent time to start your bug management program. As the temperatures increase and your lawn awakens from its winter hibernation, so do the insects. Pests such as grubs and chinch bugs become active at this time. You can apply insect control at this stage to prevent these pests from establishing themselves in your grass.

Late Spring

Another critical time for pest control is late spring. Insects become more active and begin reproducing when the weather warms. Insect control chemicals used in late spring can target newly born pests, keeping their populations under control.

Identifying The Signs

Brown Patches

Brown patches on your grass are one of the most visible symptoms of insect infestation. Grubs or other soil-dwelling insects that feed on grass frequently cause these patches. If you notice such spots, it’s time to take action.

Increased Pest Activity

Keep a watch out for increased insect activity on the grass. If you detect pests such as ants, beetles, or caterpillars crawling on your lawn, it’s a clear indication that you need bug control.

Choosing The Right Product

Natural vs. Chemical Control

Regarding bug control, you have two choices: natural or chemical products. Natural remedies, such as beneficial nematodes or diatomaceous earth, are less harmful to the environment and are safer for pets and children. In contrast, chemical pesticides provide immediate and effective outcomes. Select the one that corresponds to your choices and priorities.

Consult a Professional

Consider visiting a lawn care professional if you need help determining which insect control product to use or how to administer it. They can examine your lawn’s requirements and advise you on the best action.

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Maintaining A Pest-Free Lawn

Regular Maintenance

Insect management is a continuous effort, not a one-time task. Consistently maintaining your lawn through activities like mowing at the ideal height, regular watering, and soil aeration can actively mitigate bug infestations. Healthy properties are more resistant to pest infestations.

Monitoring and Inspection

Inspect your lawn regularly for evidence of insect activity, even if you’ve already used insecticides. Early detection enables prompt management and reduces potential damage. Taking a proactive approach can save you time and money in the long run.


Maintaining a vibrant and pest-free lawn is crucial. Keep a close eye on early and late spring when pests are most active, and be vigilant for signs like browning areas and increased insect activity. Prompt action safeguards your lush haven whether you opt for natural or chemical pest control. For expert assistance in managing your lawn’s pest control, contact The Pest Bros. Our dedicated team ensures year-round protection for your property. Don’t let pesky insects disrupt your outdoor enjoyment; contact us today to secure a pest-free lawn tomorrow.

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