Can You Still Get Bed Bugs With A Mattress Cover

Can You Still Get Bed Bugs With A Mattress Cover?

Published On: August 31, 2022|By |

When you hear “bed bugs,” you probably groan.

If you’ve ever had a bed bug infestation, you know how annoying and unpleasant they can be.

Bed bugs are present in even the tidiest homes, so the question is whether a waterproof mattress protector prevents them from showing up and messing up your beauty sleep. Here’s the scoop.

When most people discover they have bed bugs, they look for quick fixes. When getting rid of a bed bug infestation, bed bug mattress covers are commonly among the first solutions people try. It’s clear. If bed bugs live in your mattress, covering it in a thick, impermeable layer of durable outer fabric will do the trick!

What Are Bedbugs?

They feed on human blood at night when people are asleep and unaware. Bed bugs are about the size of a lentil and are usually red or brown. They live in our beds because humans are their food source. 90% of bed bugs in an infested home are found near mattresses and box springs.

Although these bloodsucking pests are disease-free (phew!),they bite us to feed, causing blisters, itching, and skin contusions.

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What Are Bed Bug Mattress Covers, And How Are They Meant To Work?

Bed mattress covers that keep bugs out work in an effortless way. They put a barrier around the mattress that can’t be broken through, so bugs in the bed can’t get out, and no new bugs can get in.

Most of the time, these bed mattress covers are made of rugged cotton or similar material and have robust mechanisms for closing. Some versions only protect your bed mattress. Other bed mattress covers cover the mattress and the box spring with it.

Will a mattress protector stop bed bugs from getting into a mattress? Sadly No, they do not protect against bed bugs.


They don’t cover the bottom of the mattress, so bed bugs can quickly get inside.

On the other hand, bed bug mattress encasements will stop bed bugs from getting into your mattress when you aren’t looking, as long as they aren’t already there. If that were true, they would eventually die of starvation.

There’s some disagreement about how long that would take. Studies show that bed bugs can live without food for anywhere from 4 to 6 months to as long as 18 months!

So, in the end, a mattress encasement is a great way to keep bed bugs out of a new mattress and slowly kill bed bugs already there. Just don’t take off the cover!

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