Do Swarming Termites Cause Damage

Do Swarming Termites Cause Damage

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Termite swarmers, or alates, are winged mature reproductive members of a termite colony. During specific times of the year, termite colonies release “swarmers,” which swarm off to locate mates and start new colonies. Swarmers are rare and only appear during specific periods of the year. But if you find them inside your house, it could indicate that termites have already made a home for themselves there and are actively spreading.

In this post, we’ll look at what swarmers are, how they can affect your home, and what you can do if you find them.

What Do Swarmer Termites Appear Like?

Swarmer termites can be black, dark brown, beige, red, or tan, depending on the genus. They have six legs and stalks that are straight. These pests, unlike other insects, have a thick, elongated body portion with no segments.

Swarmer termites have four wings that are all the same shape and height. These wings are twice their body size, are colorless, and have a veiny look. Termites shed their wings after mating.

What Causes Termites to Swarm?

Termites swarm when their original colony has hit a saturation point and is preparing to expand. This occurs once a year for most colonies, in which hundreds or even thousands of swarmers created solely for reproduction and expansion are released.

The number of swarmers released each year varies according to colony size and the type of termite. A small group lives near the top of its nest in the soil until conditions are favorable for flight; these insects find new places to colonize. These swarming preparations occur at roughly the same time in all colonies in the region.

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Are Swarmer Termites Dangerous?

If you have termites in your home, it’s natural to be concerned about your family’s safety. Swarmer termites don’t pose a health hazard and rarely bite people, though—so breathe easy!

Nonetheless, these prevalent pests can cause extensive damage to your home’s structural integrity. If they go unnoticed and untreated, they can endanger human safety and result in a costly repair bill for a home where swarmer termites live.

Termites can infiltrate a house through air vents, exterior cracks, or by chewing through wood features. To obtain energy and reproduce, they feed on cellulose-containing items such as wood and paper goods.

What Should I Do If Termites Invade My Home?

Swarms of termites inside buildings are not unusual. On the other hand, there may be no more than a handful of alates inside. Why, then, do termites invade your house? Your residence has an infestation of termites if you see swarmers coming from inside. Termites that have swarmed inside your home are searching for a way out to start a new colony, so they congregate in and around sources of light and window sills. Usually, they’d gravitate toward brighter regions.

Calling in the pros to corroborate the presence of termites is a good idea if you’ve seen swarming termites inside or outside your home. Schedule a free termite inspection with the experts at The Pest Bros. We’ll send someone to your house to assess the situation and devise a plan to eliminate and prevent future infestations of these destructive insects.

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