Are Bed Bugs Hard To Spot

Are Bed Bugs Hard To Spot

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Due to their small size and ability to conceal themselves in microscopic crevices and fissures, bed bugs may be difficult to find. However, linens and mattresses may include signs of bed insect infestation. Living bed bugs on contaminated surfaces create clumps of dried feces that are dark brown or black. Additionally, bed bugs emit a soft, sweet, musty smell.

Locations To Look For Bed Bugs

Since bed bugs have flattened bodies, they prefer to enter tiny gaps and crevices adjacent to where people sleep. Bed bugs are often found near where people spend most of their time. Cracks and gaps behind wall outlets, floor molding, window, and door molding, and carpet edges that meet the wall are also typical. If their number is big, bed bugs may spread from their usual habitats to other regions.

Bed Bug Signs

The degree of assurance that each of these bed bug warning signals may provide when establishing the existence of bed bugs, particularly at the start of an infestation, determines how they are rated.


Unusual musty smell with no known origin. Many connect the smell of raspberries, coriander, cilantro, or almonds to bedbug pheromones. Rust, damp towels and moldy clothing are odors that might come from a severe bed bug infestation.


Upon awakening, the discovery of unexplained insect bites is often seen as the first indication of bed bugs. The arms, hands, and legs are the most often bit areas.


If you move unexpectedly in your sleep, you may crush or squash a bed insect recently fed. It doesn’t kill them, but it may bleed some of the blood they just fed on, leaving a crimson or rust mark.

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Fecal Marks

Smaller than bloodstains. These black dots resemble pen or marker ink dots. They are 2–4 times bigger than a period. Found in harborage regions and on linens and clothes.


Pearly white, ovular bed insect eggs are 1 millimeter long. They resemble pinhead-sized rice grains.

Eggs are visible to the naked eye, but recognizing them requires knowledge. Bed bugs hatch from a hinged cap on each egg. Under a microscope, bed bug eggs older than five days have a darker eye spot.

Shell Casings

Bed bugs are harder to find than their shell casings, which are translucent and hollow. Since bed bugs develop and hatch in mattress seams, upholstered furniture, and wooden furniture cracks, fractures, and crevices, check them.

Live Bed Bugs

The most obvious sign of them all. Bed bugs often don’t want to travel about unless they need to eat or unless they’re females protecting their eggs from overly aggressive males. Typically, bed bugs cling to one spot where they may hide.

You must kill bedbugs immediately after identifying an infestation. To protect your family from these bloodsucking parasites, look for insecticides that kill bed bugs, bed bug eggs, and fleas. Contact The Pest Bros! We are dedicated to delivering high-quality and the best service possible while helping families and businesses ensure their health and properties are free of dangerous pests.

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