Is Pest Control Covered By Home Warranty

Is Pest Control Covered By Home Warranty?

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The worst possible scenario for a homeowner is discovering that their home is infested with insects and rodents. Unfortunately, little animals have a propensity to find homes in the places you would least like them to be.

A home warranty that includes coverage for pest control warranties protects you and your property from unwelcome pests by giving you access to coverage and service when you require it the most.

What Exactly Does It Mean To Have Coverage For Pest Control?

Pest control companies take their work very seriously since it can expose customers to potential dangers to their health. Frequently included in a protection policy are:

  • Roaches
  • Rodents
  • Silverfish
  • Spiders
  • Ants
  • Scorpions
  • Crickets
  • and many more examples of pests.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Bed Bugs?

Nearly all pest control providers reported bed bug infestations in 2012. Bed bugs infest houses, hotels, motels, and hostels. Your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover bed bug damage.

Your home insurance only covers “sudden” and “accidental” damage, not bed bug harm. Insurance covers a broken window caused by a falling tree branch during a storm—damage caused by bed bugs after a month isn’t covered.

Does Homeowner Insurance Include Termite Damage?

Most banks and other loan lenders want to know if your home has a termite infestation and how much termite damage has affected the foundation and other wood structures of your property. Repairing collateral damage to your home may be covered by insurance.

When hidden insect or vermin damage results in a home’s collapse, it is typically covered by regular homeowners insurance plans. Hidden refers to the fact that the homeowner cannot see the damage. Therefore, if there is a problem and you are ignorant of it, the damage brought on by a collapse is covered, but the actual harm caused by the offending bug is not.

For instance, if termites invade a wall of your home and eat through a beam supporting it, the house would fall. The new shaft will cost $2,000 to replace. About $25,000 worth of damage was done to the walls, flooring, and roof trusses. However, the other damage is covered even though the $2,000 beam is not.

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So, Does Pest Control Covered Under A Home Warranty?

Moreover, if you suspect that your home needs some pest treatment, you might wonder if your home warranty covers the services. Several home warranty coverage options may exist depending on the business and policies. Therefore, if you intend to buy or already have a home warranty, it is best to check first on the policies of the home warranty business.

It is a wise investment for your home to get a home warranty that includes pest control services because it will help resolve your issue, safeguard your home from harm and annoying pests. Additionally, it will safeguard your cash because you will not have to overspend on maintenance or replacement.

At The Pest Bros, we can help you resolve your pest control issue in no time. Our team is highly trained & experienced in handling any kind of pest issue. We will help you identify the problem in your home, provide solutions and follow through with regular maintenance to prevent future infestation. You can reach us at (281) 206-4670 for a prompt answer.

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