Do I Need Pest Control On A New Home

Do I Need Pest Control On A New Home?

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It’s common to ignore pest control in a new house, but should you? In the game, “prudence” refers to having complete peace of mind when purchasing or moving somewhere new. Preventative new home pest control techniques will save expenditures and a lot of difficulties later if you’re eager to save time and money.

Having one less headache is beneficial because moving is already tricky. Reputable and knowledgeable pest control businesses can evaluate your issue and advise you.

Pest Control Checklist for New Homes

Getting a pest control inspection before you sign the contract on a pre-built home could save you money and trouble down the road. Before listing a home for sale, realtors are required in some places to check for pest problems, though there are a few things you should look into before assuming that someone else has taken care of everything.

Common Pests to Be Aware Of

Here is a list of the typical pest control problems, but some may vary depending on location and proximity to open land:

  • Rodents – Rodents come in a wide variety and are very destructive. They cause significant structural damage and can eat through practically anything. Even if the house is empty, experts can see rodent infestation indications.
  • Ants: In enormous numbers, ants, termites, you name it, are probably the most prevalent pest. Termites are highly damaging and frequently practically unnoticeable. They ruin the wiring and woodwork, causing issues that are difficult to fix because they are noticed after significant damage.
  • Moths – frequently considered innocuous or mistaken for butterflies- are one type of insect most people don’t consider needing pest management in a new home. Moths, mainly if your new home is equipped, can produce eggs at a rate of about 50 per day for 21 days if left undisturbed. The larvae that emerge consume fibers from both plants and animals. They might already be in the cabinets where you’ll store your clothing and under carpets, draperies, and furniture.
  • Bed Bugs – Get all your assistance to ensure that your new house obtains pest control for these awful little monsters. Although they do not carry disease, mattresses are undoubtedly their preferred habitat. They itch, swell, and hurt humans when they bite them, causing allergic reactions.

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Checks for Pests During New Home Construction

Because of the area or setting where the development is taking place, pests infiltrate newly constructed dwellings. The construction of new homes does not take place in a clean manufacturing environment. Problems are opportunistic, so finding a new place to live is perfect. Many issues arrive before you do and find appropriate hiding places. Frequently, they go unnoticed for a very long time. You’ll feel more at ease settling in and taking pleasure in your new possession if you get a new home pest control assessment close to the time you plan to relocate.

What’s Next?

At The Pest Bros, we’re here to make your home pest free. We truly understand how stressful moving into a new place can be. Our services are designed to help you get rid of those pesky pests that can cause damage to your property and belongings. Call us now!

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