League City, Texas is a city that’s growing quickly, and with more people moving here, so are the bugs. At Pest Bros, our goal is to rid League City homes of any pesky creatures that try to move into your home or business. 

The team at Pest Bros is committed to providing League City with quality pest control services that are targeted, effective, and environmentally responsible. We don’t want any pesky bugs getting inside your League City home so we focus on outdoor conditions like sealants or barriers for windowsills where they might nest; sprays near trees/shrubs that can serve as hiding places when it comes time to chow down–and more! 


What Pest Control services do Pest Bros offer in League City?


General Home Pest Control

Pests don’t care what’s going on in the rest of the world. Pests will come out at the most inopportune time and wreak havoc on your home. Now that more people are home, you may encounter pests more than usual. We can do our part to help mitigate your pest problems throughout your home.


Termite Control

After an inspection of your home is finished, we can advise you what areas of your property have a termite infestation and the best treatment available. The Pest Bros offers spot treatments to eradicate subterranean termite colonies. Your home is more likely to be damaged by termites than by fires or floods.


Mosquito Management

Mosquitoes can quickly overrun a property and make life miserable for home and business owners. By finding and treating their breeding grounds we can dramatically reduce the mosquito population. Fewer mosquitoes mean fewer mosquito bites. No one wants to watch their family members or pets itch and scratch continuously because of biting mosquitoes. Once we have inspected your property, we’ll identify any breeding grounds or areas that have a high potential for mosquito activity and spray for them.


Infested Attics & Crawlspaces

If pests have infested your attic or crawl space, we offer a variety of attic-related services. From abating wasps and bees to running off rodents or other pests, we’ll make sure the unseen spaces are pest-free.


Bedbug Infestations

First, we inspect your home to determine the severity of your bedbug infestation. Then we will determine a recommended course for treatment, whether that is a saturated heat treatment or chemical application. We kill bed bugs. You get the rest you need.


Arboreal Services

When trees or shrubs on your property are overrun with lace bugs, spider mites, or other wood-boring insects, count on us to resolve this infestation for you. We offer a safe alternative to ensure the health of your trees and ornamental shrubs.


Live Animal Removal

Wildlife in Texas sure is wild. If any critter makes it inside your property, count on us to remove them. Give us a call if you need to evict any live animals like armadillos, birds, nutria, opossums, raccoons, or other fauna.

Roach Removal

There’s nothing quite like the sound of cockroaches scurrying around in your kitchen at night. If you’ve ever had to deal with these pests, you know that they can be a real nuisance! Our team is here to help! Contact us today for a free quote on our services.