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Top 5 Roach Removal Methods

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Just hearing the word “roach” makes your skin crawl. They are a common problem, and it can be hard to get rid of them. If you have roaches in your house or apartment, like in your kitchen cabinets, attic, or bathroom, you should get rid of them as soon as possible. Check out this five list of ways to get rid of cockroaches:

1. Cut Its Water Supply

If you notice that you have a roach infestation, you should immediately cut off their water source. Leaky pipes, faucets, open showers, and pet water bowls are popular insect attractants. Although roaches may survive without food for up to a month, they cannot survive without water for more than a week.

Extra water in kitchens and bathrooms might attract roaches. Now is the time to fix leaking faucets and other spots where these pests might breed.

2. Remove Food That Could Invite Roaches

Cockroaches enjoy any type of mess, including food waste, damp locations, and clutter. If this describes your home, you may as well hold a cockroach party.

If so, stop the party before it gets out of hand. Remember that roaches will consume nearly anything, so clean up food places after consumption, take out the garbage often, disinfect surfaces, vacuum, and eliminate clutter. Also, pay close attention to stovetops since roaches are highly drawn to grease.

NOTE: Roaches are omnivores, which means they will consume everything. They favor starches, sweets, fatty foods, and meats in particular.

3. Spray! Spray! Spray!

Soap and water are safe, reliable, and cheap. Make a sprayable soapy water solution. Two to three sprays will suffocate roaches by restricting their breathing pores. This method is suitable for killing individual cockroaches but won’t keep them out of your home.

If you’re still not seeing results and your roach problem persists, you may want to consider applying a pesticide. However, this should be your last choice, as pesticides are incredibly toxic and will kill all insects, so be cautious and never spray them around children or animals.

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4. Use Roaches Traps

If the thought of using chemicals doesn’t sit well with you, or if you’d rather not kill the roaches directly, you can consider setting up traps. The trap’s odor attracts roaches, and the glue catches them once they step on the sticky strip.

For ideal results, insert adhesive strips anywhere you observe roach activity, such as behind the refrigerator or the sink.

5. Close Points Of Access

Shut off as many entry points as you can. This might involve installing a door sweep to fill the gap between the bottom of a door and the ground or sealing any cracks in a home’s foundation.

Getting rid of roaches for good means going after them where they live. This process can be complex, and while some do-it-yourself methods can work, they can only get you so far. At The Pest Bros, we help people get rid of pests so you can take back your space and get your life back to normal. Put your trust in us to get to the bottom of your roach problem and prevent their return. Grab that phone and contact us now!

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