Will Animal Control Remove Raccoons

Will Animal Control Remove Raccoons

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With their curious natures and masked appearances reminiscent of criminals, Raccoons have spread throughout many urban and suburban regions. Despite appearances to the contrary, raccoons may be quite a nuisance and even a danger to humans, other animals, and property. As a result, people often question whether animal control will remove raccoons. This blog will go into the nitty-gritty of raccoon control, discussing the various circumstances under which these camouflaged critters require live animal removal services.

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Understanding the Need for Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are well-suited to urban situations because of their versatility, which allows them to find food and shelter quickly. However, several problems can arise from their presence.

Property Damage

In their pursuit of food and nesting materials, raccoons can damage houses and businesses by tearing through roofs, attics, and garbage cans.

Health Concerns

Exposure to raccoons is dangerous for humans and animals because of the diseases they may carry.

Nuisance Behavior

Their foraging causes litter in yards and may even provoke attacks from domestic animals. Homeowners seeking aid in controlling raccoon populations are not alone in doing so for good reason.

Animal Control’s Role in Raccoon Removal

Raccoon infestations are just one example of a problem that animal control services can help. Raccoon eradication practices and policies can differ significantly from one place to another and from one set of conditions to another.

Educational Approach

Animal control may first teach residents how to avoid attracting raccoons by explaining the animal’s habits. You could lock the trash cans, board up the windows, and remove any outside food sources.

Trapping and Relocation

Animal control may resort to trapping if raccoons have become a chronic problem. After capturing them, people regularly release raccoons in new locations. Relocation is an option, but it’s not necessarily ideal because raccoons have difficulty adjusting to new surroundings and may encounter competition from native species.


Euthanasia could be considered a last resort in cases where raccoons seriously threaten public health or have caused extensive damage. Local laws and moral standards usually dictate this decision in most cases.

Working with Animal Control

Homeowners experiencing problems with raccoons should contact animal control through the appropriate methods. Here are some things to think about:

Contact Local Authorities

If you’re dealing with raccoon problems, contact your local animal control or city officials to determine the best action.

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Provide Information

Be prepared to provide information regarding the raccoon activity, including the location, the raccoons’ peak activity times, and the difficulties they’ve caused. 2.

Follow Guidelines

Do as instructed by experts in animal control. Adjusting your property may be necessary to prevent raccoons from settling there.


While raccoons are exciting animals in their own right, they can present several problems when they move into human neighborhoods. Animal control services have the resources to assist with managing raccoon populations and reducing damage. Regarding raccoon removal, however, we at The Pest Bros. must have a level head and keep in mind the dangers posed by these animals and the significance of finding humane and ethical alternatives. We can protect the well-being of people and wildlife in urban areas by coordinating with animal control and following the rules.

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