How To Remove A Wild Opossum

How To Remove A Wild Opossum From My House

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Dealing with a wild opossum in your home can be complex and unsettling. These nocturnal critters frequently enter our houses for food, refuge, or a secure haven for their young. When confronted with this situation, it is critical to prioritize live animal removal to ensure both your safety and the opossum’s well-being. This blog post walks you through safely and humanely removing an opossum from your home.

Identifying The Presence Of An Opossum

Confirming the presence of an opossum is the first step in live animal removal. Things like strange noises at night, disturbances in your trash cans, or visual encounters with the elusive critter are all signs to watch. Proceed with caution once you’ve determined that the intruder is an opossum.

Contact A Wildlife Professional

Professionals are the best choice for live animal removal. Contacting a qualified wildlife removal specialist is the safest and most responsible option. These professionals have the experience and equipment to handle opossums humanely while adhering to local rules.

Prevent Future Intrusions

While you wait for the pros, you can take preventative actions to prevent further opossum infiltration. Seal any gaps or openings around your home that the opossum may have used to get in. Keep your trash cans locked, as opossums naturally gravitate toward potential food sources.

Do Not Attempt To Handle The Opossum Yourself

Despite their unassuming demeanor, opossums can become defensive and bite or scratch if they feel threatened. It would be best if you never tried to address them alone. Leave this delicate work to experts with the experience and abilities to handle wild animals safely.

Humane Trapping And Relocation

Wildlife professionals employ specialized, humane traps to capture the opossum without causing harm or undue stress. Once these dedicated experts have securely apprehended the opossum, they go the extra mile by doing a compassionate relocation, releasing the animal in a carefully chosen natural habitat far from your property. This process ensures the opossum’s well-being and helps maintain the delicate balance of local wildlife populations.

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Cleaning And Sanitizing

After successfully evacuating the opossum, it’s imperative to thoroughly clean and sanitize the previously occupied area. This meticulous process prevents the potential spread of diseases and is pivotal in discouraging other wildlife from enticing by the lingering scent. Ultimately, this diligent approach ensures a pest-free and hygienic environment within your household.

What’s Next?

If you have a wild opossum in your home and need skilled live animal removal services, contact The Pest Bros. Our expert wildlife removal and relocation crew specializes in compassionate animal removal and relocation. We recognize the value of interacting with animals while protecting your house and family.

Contact us today to set up a consultation, and let us take care of the safe and ethical removal of opossums from your property. We dedicate ourselves to providing solutions for your animal removal needs efficiently. Call us now!

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