How Common Are Roaches In Apartments

How Common Are Roaches In Apartments?

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Cockroaches are the worst possible enemy of any tenant, and any time you find them in your apartment, it will feel like the end of the world. Insects have a habit of sneaking up on you. One sighting at the wrong time could leave you scarred for life! You might think that’s an overstatement, but wait till you unintentionally shower with one.

Cockroaches are cunning, but if you recognize the warning signals, you can avoid signing a lease on an infested flat.

Are Roaches Common in Apartments?

Roaches are among the most frequent pests found in apartments around the world. Cockroach infestations are estimated to be present in 10% to 30% of residential complexes in the United States. And the likelihood of a roach infestation increases in metropolitan areas. They also flourish in hot, humid climates. Infestation is more likely if you live in the South or a rainy city.

One survey of apartment complexes discovered that 30% had roaches. What’s more, many of those tenants were completely unaware of the pests. This is one of the reasons why these bugs propagate so quickly. Furthermore, roaches were identified in 14 million housing units in the United States, according to a 2019 census report.

This suggests that approximately 11% of Americans live near these creatures. Regarding pests, they are only second to rodents in reporting frequency. Roaches have a reputation for infesting apartments due to their frequency. Even if you keep your surroundings clean, you can run into them.

What Attracts Roaches to Apartments?

Roaches are very similar to humans in terms of what they seek: food, water, and shelter. All of these features are available in occupied residences. Roaches can devour leftover food, collect moisture from sink drains, and live in wall and baseboard crevices.

And suppose a tenant does not maintain their unit tidy. In that case, it can aggravate the situation because roaches perceive rubbish mounds the same way we perceive a nice resort.

Roaches benefit from the design of apartments as well. Complexes are typically made up of many units stacked on top of and next to one another. If roaches can’t locate what they’re looking for in one house, they’ll crawl through the walls to the next.

On the other hand, roaches only have so many places to go in a single-family home. It’s one of the reasons why exterminating them in a house is much easier than in an apartment. Furthermore, a single colony of roaches in a housing unit or wall might infest a whole complex. This means that they may return even if you do an amazing job of preventing them.

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How Roaches Get Into Your Home

Roaches are highly mobile and cunning organisms. They can enter your home through a variety of means, including:

Moving in from next door: Roaches can move through floors and walls if someone in your building has an infestation.

Roaches can enter through windows and doors if cracks surround them or you leave them open. They can even pass through carpet beneath doors.

Drains and pipes: Because apartment plumbing frequently meets and links, it can act as a highway for roaches.

Taking a ride on humans: Roaches can infiltrate your home by hiding in clothing and backpacks.

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