How Does Pest Control Get Rid Of Mice

How Does Pest Control Get Rid Of Mice

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To get rid of mice, professional exterminators employ a variety of methods. Each service plan is tailored to the customer’s requirements and typically combines mechanical traps and rodenticide baits. The first step in getting rid of mice is having an expert come out and inspect your property to see how bad it is. And based on what type of mice they’re dealing with and how widespread their problem is, they’ll develop an integrated pest management plan for you.

If you hire a professional mouse exterminator, they will most likely perform the following actions:

Mouse Traps

Mouse traps are one method of killing mice in properties. Exterminators still use traps today, not just for mice but also for other pests. Mousetraps are effective when properly placed, so exterminators place traps where mice are commonly found, such as in attics, basements, and crawl spaces. You can rest assured that the past does not sleep in cupboards and kitchens, so food contamination is unlikely. Pest control experts also do not place it in areas where children and pets can reach it to protect and protect them.


Though poisoning is dangerous, especially if you, your family, or your pets consume it, exterminators use it because it effectively kills mice. Mice poisons are effective because they kill mice immediately. One of the main reasons exterminators would poison mice is that the pest cannot vomit or even burp. When mice ingest poison, they die because they cannot puke it up even if they want to. Mice have an esophageal and stomach barrier that prevents them from vomiting. Because of the barrier, they cannot vomit their consumed foods.

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Chemicals For Fumigation

In some cases, mice infestations become so severe that baits or traps no longer work. Exterminators will perform fumigation if the situation becomes uncontrollable. This method will be used if the problem has not been resolved despite all efforts to kill mice. Fumigation will aid in the eradication of all mice on your property.

Caulks To Seal Off Entry Points

Exterminators close all entry points to ensure that pests can’t re-enter. We know how sneaky mice are, and they don’t need large holes—even small cracks can let them into your house! Experts always look for entry points to locate the pest, determine what areas need treatment most urgently, and ensure they have handled all infestations. Cracks, holes, gaps, crevices, and broken walls and windows are possible openings. When they discover possible entry points, they immediately caulk them to keep mice out and away.

What’s Next?

Mice are difficult to manage and can take months to eradicate. They are a pesky problem that needs to be addressed immediately. If you have mice in your home, it’s time to contact an exterminator. At The Pest Bros, we offer a complete mouse control solution. We will inspect your property, identify the problem and create an effective plan of action for ridding your home of mice. Call us now!

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